About House Of Pumpkin

Welcome to the house of pumpkin.

House of pumpkin went fully into operations in the year 2020, after carrying out a two (2) years proper research and findings from 2017 to 2019 for clients like you who feel dissatisfied almost whenever you buy knitwear or cotton apparel. We became so curious and surveyed clients, who have previously purchased knitwears and customized cotton apparels from other sellers. This was the result of our survey

55% of dissatisfied client claimed their supposed pure and premium cotton apparel, were made out of inferior cotton, hence making them value the cloth less.

35% of unhappy client claimed their garments weren’t netted accurately and neatly, yet it took a long time for it to be done. “What a waste of time and money” one of the surveyed ladies cried out.

10% of the dissatisfied client couldn’t get theirs customized precisely to their choice of apparel. Hence, they were left with no option than buying what has already been made.

In a bid to bridge the gap of all this dissatisfaction, house of pumpkin became fully operational.


With our well-crafted apparel, we are thrilled to say; we serve our Australian clients, Singapore clients, and other clients around the world with the best quality they deserve.

At the house of pumpkin, we customise knit-wears for adult and children. Unlike others, our knit-wears are carefully and neatly made with the best cotton yarn. This enables our knitwears to withstand any harsh climatic condition that it might be subjected to, without it losing its colours or going out of shape.

Because we value every dime spent in purchasing our product, we will never size to give you the exact value you desire.


1. We keep to our word

Have you ever agreed with your tailor on a particular quality of material to be used for your dress? And after paying him/her in full, on getting home, you discovered a lower quality of the same material was used in place of what you originally have paid for.

How did you feel? Very mad, I guess.

Well, we at house of pumpkin are very committed to sincerity, and we deliver genuinely exactly the quality paid for by you our client. We will never give you a class lower than what you’ve requested. So shopping with us is peace of mincad.

2. We are Professionals

All our knitwear and other apparels that are customized are done so with the use of the appropriate premium cotton, and not just any cotton.

With adequate care and professionalism, we produce every single knitwear and apparel to perfection.

3. We are vast

We are not limited to just a particular gender while creating any of our clothing. Our area of expertise cuts across productions for men, women, boys, girls, and even infant. In some special occasions or orders, we make socks, head warmers, neck wrap, and even gloves. (We’ve got you covered)

Our apparels have been said by many to be their best source of comfort on various unfavourable weather conditions, and yes, you can’t agree less.

Wouldn’t you want to get comfort too??

4. We deliver to you no matter where you are

Purchasing a product online isn’t a hard deal, but getting it delivered to you and on time is.

At house of pumpkin, we are dedicated to serving you better, and we believe distance isn’t a barrier. We take the stress of shipping of your item after a successful purchase.

Here is what we do;

We carefully package your item,

We search for the fastest means possible to get it to you

We deliver it to the courier service and place a fast track badge on it, and in less than the time expected, your item will be delivered to you undamaged.

5. We Offer the Best pricing

We offer just the best price for all available products. We can confidently say that our prices are pocket-friendly and hence no matter your class in the society, there is a big chance that you may be able to afford at least one of our apparel without digging too deep into your pocket.

Yes, we are pocket-friendly.


We are everywhere around you