Be Unique, Be Different!

At House Of Pumpkin, we have taken it a responsibility to enlighten children and make them discover their full potential despite them being different. We have undertaken to create unique products for them and make them start a fashion trend of their own.

A walk in the past

Diving into the past is a great way to acknowledge its beauty, as well as its difficulties and appreciate the present even more. Imagine living in a world where people would communicate only via fix wired phones, by letters or simply in person. 

If your child wanted to create a unique design, a product of his imagination, the only option would be to draw it on paper and cut it out. Of course, there were special books with paper cut out patterns that could go on dolls and pretend they were made out of fabric, but this was quite limitative for a child’s imagination and creative spirit, especially for those with a keen eye for fashion and beauty. 

Into the present

Nowadays, the technology revolution blasted into the world of art and creativity, presenting to us a world full of possibilities that 50 years ago would have been merely a dream.

Kids are so well informed, gadget-wise and tech smart, that they have learned new ways to transpose their imagination into the real world through applied science and creative technologies. Kids already know what they want to wear, how to be stylish and fashionable and how to leave a mark of their own.

Creative outlet at House of Pumpkin

At House of Pumpkin, we embrace children’s potential and we offer them the possibility to design a fashion style of their own. Picture their satisfaction when they will hold into their little hands the actual product they’ve envisioned. It is now in front of them, ready to be worn by their designer. With customizable options, such as choosing from a variety of items and picking the right colors, kids will absolutely love the freedom of expressing through fashion. They can play mix and match with different style options and have so much fun!

What’s even better is that if the child has a design of his own, maybe drawn on their tablet or laptop, a picture of it can be uploaded and House of Pumpkin will turn into actual reality your child ‘s sparkle of imagination and creativity. 

Children will be thrilled and utterly proud to wear the final products and call them their own design. 

Supporting kids’ creativity, freedom of expression and uplifting their abilities, will unlock their true and full potential, which, in return, will create a happier, kinder and blessed world.